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One pot cooking with lobster tails (thanks, mom, for getting em on sale for us!) and broccoli! Step 1, spread the cut up broccoli across the plate, a dash of salt and pepper on the greens, step 2, stuff the lobster tails with sliced gingers and green onions, step 3, put plate in pan with boiling water underneath. Cover up the pan and cook the sucker for 10 minutes. BAM, dinner for two. Oh ya, a splash of soy sauce for taste when it’s ready.

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Pearl King (291 King St West, Toronto, Canada)
Pearl Harbourfront now has a little cousin who likes to party on King West! Groupon took us to the restaurant; just in time for our pre-broadway show dinner (Frank slept through 75% of the show).
Look at the size of leaf-wrapped sticky rice with chicken!
Pricey but expected, now we have a Chinese place to go to right next to Pat’s office.

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Summerlicious lunch - part 2 @ Luma (King and John streets)

My choices for today’s $20 3-course lunch menu included:

1 - Chilled Soba Noodle Salad (vegetarian) charred gai lan, bok choy, perilla and miso dressing
2 - Grilled Organic Ocean Albacore Tuna, smoked tomato, fingerling potatoes, fennel and green goddess dressing
3 - Melons (vegetarian/local) compressed 100km melons, mint julep and nasturtium sorbet.

Good pick for Summerlicious!

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Patois (794 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada)

The Dundas and Bathurst strip gentrification completed when Susur opened Bent a couple years ago. Patois open a couple of weeks ago to join the increasingly crowded restauran scene in the area. Jamaican-Chinese is the theme. Jerk chicken and fried rice, sounds good, right? The result? Underwhelming. The fried rice is indistinguishable from other Canadian-Chinese restaurants’ offerings, basically the recipe calls you just go to town with the soy sauce. The fried chicken was decent and the jerk chicken was the clear winner. And their version of the double-down from KFC was made of two Jamaican patties with bacon and melted cheese. How we felt about the dish sums up how we felt about the restaurant: it was ‘Kay

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Saturday morning breakfast @ Mabel’s Bakery (1156 Queen Street West or 323 Roncesvalles Avenue,

A stroll on Queen Street West on this breezy Saturday morning found us at Mabel’s Bakery.  Their baked goods looked so tempting and the store is warm and inviting…lots of people picking up a breakfast sandwich, a coffee, or artisan breads and other prepared goods, fresh made salads, quiches, cheese, charcuterie, and cakes for tonight’s appetizers or dinner. 

I will admit, I am a bit of a croissant snob…. So happy to say that Mabel’s butter croissants ($2.10) are fabulous!! Crispy layers on the outside, soft delicious buttery inside….mmmmm!!! Yes, I definitely really, really want a butter croissant again!!!! 

Frank also enjoyed his Morning Toast Bun. It looks like a popover with a hard-boiled egg yolk, spinach, ricotta, mozzarella on the inside ($3.75).  

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Summerlicious part 1 - Canoe (TD Tower, top floor)

$25 3-course lunch at Canoe is arguably the best of the summerlicious deals. Good food, good service, and a bird’s eye view of Toronto. My choices today included:

1 - Potted Rainbow Trout with Radishes, Tender Shoots & Pumpernickel
2 - Tree Syrup Rubbed Bison Short Rib with Charred Cauliflower, Ras El Hanout Cream & Pont Neuf potatoes
3 - Sablé Breton (vegetarian/local) with Vanilla Roasted Plums & Caramelized Osprey Bluffs Honey

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