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Eurasia Grill House (1209 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, Canada)

Situated between the Ossington strip and our house, Eurasis had always been somewhere Frank was intrigued in trying.  Things that make Frank intrigued include: fried rice, places that serve fried rice, restaurants that are on the second floor or in the basement, restaurants that are on the second floor or in the basement that serve fried rice.  Eurasia’s entrance on the main floor has its menu displayed with fried rice and Portuguese style steak and seafood dishes; Frank is sold.

We finally stepped into the restaurant after months of intrigue.  This place is big, airy, and bright.  The owner is this Portuguese couple (a Chinese man who was born in Africa and raised in Portugal and his Portuguese wife), the husband takes the order while the wife makes everything on the menu (yes, including the fried rice).  We had the, you guessed it, steak with fried rice and the bacalhau a braz (essentially, it’s like fried rice with shreds of salted cod, but instead of rice, it’s made out of chopped fried potatoes).  Price here is very reasonable and the food was very homely and delicious.  Best of all is the service from our man Ah-Fu (Tiger in Cantonese), he made everyone feel at home with his warm welcome and attentive service.  We’ll be back for sure!

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